Bitcoin-focused app Strike Enters Europe

Introducing Strike, the revolutionary Bitcoin app that’s taking Europe by storm! With the recent surge in cryptocurrency prices and overwhelming demand from our European friends, we couldn’t resist expanding our support to this dynamic region.

On a sunny day in April, the visionary CEO of Strike, Jack Mallers, revealed his ambitious plans to revolutionize Bitcoin (BTC) adoption in Europe. With his groundbreaking platform, users will now have the power to effortlessly buy, sell, and send the world’s leading cryptocurrency across the entire continent.

Exciting news for our European customers! You can now easily purchase BTC using your bank account, thanks to the uncapped Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) deposits. This amazing opportunity is available in a whopping 36 countries, including all European Union member states, four countries in the European Free Trade Association, and our friends in the United Kingdom.

According to Mallers, users can now take control of their Bitcoin by withdrawing it into their own custody or through the lightning-fast Lightning network to any compatible wallet.

This innovative app also allows for peer-to-peer transfers, making cross-border payments a breeze. Whether you’re in Europe and prefer euros, in America and want to stick with dollars, or in a supported region and prefer Tether’s USDT, Strike has got you covered.”

“Today marks another milestone in our global journey, but our work is far from over. We will continue to enter new markets, support more currencies, add payment methods, expand our services, and iterate on the experience.”

Jack Mallers, Strike CEO

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Strike’s Bitcoin expansion spree

Strike’s bold expansion into the European market couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. The buzz around BTC and other cryptocurrencies has reached a fever pitch among the continent’s people. In fact, according to, Europe is leading the way in Google searches for BTC advancements and boasts a whopping 60 banks providing cutting-edge digital asset services.

Strike has set its sights on conquering Europe as its newest destination. With its headquarters now rooted in the vibrant country of El Salvador, the company has its sights set on expanding into the Latin American market.

Strike’s revolutionary BTC platform has already made a splash in the U.S. and across the vast continent of Africa, reaching over 100 countries and counting.

Mallers, a fierce advocate of BTC, is boldly predicting that our beloved cryptocurrency will skyrocket to an unbelievable $1 million.

Well, it’s all thanks to its unbreakable design and the inevitable global hyperinflation. But what really proves his unwavering confidence in BTC is the fact that he has gone all in, putting his faith in the digital currency and supposedly holding zero USD.

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