Coinbase International is ready to list ORDI and WLDI perpetual futures

Coinbase’s institutional arm is gearing up to launch a groundbreaking move on April 11th – the listing of perpetual future contracts for the highly sought-after BRC-20 token Ordinals and the revolutionary Worldcoin.

Coinbase International Exchange to Launch Cutting-Edge Perpetual Futures for ORDI and WLD on April 11, Opening Doors for Institutional Investors Worldwide, Coinbase International Exchange said in an X post on April 5.

Revolutionary cryptocurrencies ORDI and WLD have been causing a stir in the market with their impressive price fluctuations and soaring trading volume. In just a matter of months, Worldcoin has skyrocketed to the top of the charts for savvy investors looking to tap into the lucrative AI industry. Its meteoric rise from $2.20 on Feb. 7 to a staggering $11.70 on March 10, as reported by CoinMarketCap, has left many in awe.

The groundbreaking network that strives to revolutionize the way we identify ourselves and handle our finances. With a vision to empower every individual with ownership and privacy, Worldcoin was born in 2019 by the brilliant minds of Sam Altman, Max Novendstern, and Alex Blania. Fuelled by its native token, WLD, which not only serves as a utility but also gives users the power to shape the protocol’s path towards the future.

The revolutionary cryptocurrency ORDI took the world by storm in 2023. With a jaw-dropping increase of 1,640% in just a few short months, this digital asset went from a modest $5 to a staggering $87, igniting a frenzy among investors and enthusiasts alike. But what sets ORDI apart from the rest?

It offers a unique twist with NFTs and tokens that allow users to store text and images on the blockchain. The majority of ORDI tokens were freely distributed to lucky users through airdrops.

On April 5, we will be unleashing a wave of perpetual futures contracts, specifically designed for institutional traders. These innovative contracts, also known as perpetual swaps or perpetuals, offer a never-ending opportunity to predict an asset’s future price. No expiration date means endless possibilities. And rest assured, our regulatory approval process ensures the highest quality product for our valued customers.

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On April 4th, Coinbase International Exchange shook up the market by introducing futures contracts for Wormhole’s highly anticipated W coin. And that’s not all – they also surprised everyone with an $850 million airdrop to early adopters of the cross-chain bridge.

In a bold move, Coinbase revealed their plans to offer futures contracts for both Litecoin and the infamous Dogecoin – proving that it’s no longer just a silly internet meme, but a legitimate and valuable digital currency.

Excitingly, Coinbase boldly announced their plan to utilize the “self-certification” approach in introducing futures contracts, even without prior approval from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, as long as they adhered to the agency’s regulatory rules.

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