Poloniex Hacker Loots $308,000 in Ethereum via Tornado Cash

The notorious Poloniex hacker, known only by the mysterious address 0x3E…fDFd, has struck again with a cunning new tactic. In a shocking twist, the hacker has been caught funneling a whopping 100 ETH (equivalent to $308,000) through the dark web’s notorious Tornado Cash.

This is the first time the culprit has been linked to the illicit use of Tornado Cash, as revealed by the reputable source WuBlockchain.

According to a recent report, a notorious hacker has pulled off an incredible heist, amassing a fortune of digital currency. The staggering haul includes 25,563 ETH, valued at a staggering $79 million, along with 305,042 TRX worth $36 million.

The hacker also made off with 626 BTC, worth a jaw-dropping $32 million, and 364.292 BTCT, adding up to a whopping $23.3 million! This brazen cybercrime has left authorities and crypto enthusiasts alike reeling in shock.

Poloniex Suffers Multimillion Hacker Attack

The infamous Poloniex hack of last year sent shockwaves through the crypto world as a staggering $114 million worth of multi-currency was stolen. The mastermind behind the heist, known as the “Poloniex hacker,” cleverly utilized an Ethereum wallet to carry out 357 transactions, leaving the exchange reeling. But that’s not all – a Tron blockchain wallet connected to the event also transferred a whopping $42 million to various addresses.

Is the Notorious Lazarus Behind the Poloniex Hack?

The Poloniex hack was a shocking event, with the perpetrator allegedly linked to none other than the notorious Lazarus Group. This nefarious group, believed to operate out of North Korea, has a reputation for pulling off massive cyber heists worth billions.

Financial institutions and cryptocurrency platforms, all in the name of funding the regime in North Korea.

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Crypto Nightmare: $69.3M Vanishes in Address Poisoning Scam

In a shocking turn of events, the notorious HTX crypto exchange and its Heco cross-chain bridge, both under the control of Justin Sun, fell victim to a devastating attack. The aftermath? A staggering $97 million worth of various tokens were mercilessly sacrificed.

Rumors swirl that a private key vulnerability was to blame, allowing the attackers to exploit the Heco bridge and stealthily transfer tokens from unsuspecting users’ wallets to their own accounts on the Ethereum network.

The murky world of cryptocurrency laundering, where 100 ETH was recently scrubbed squeaky clean through the infamous Tornado Cash. This decentralized mixer protocol is a favorite among hackers, who use its intricate web of transfers to hide their ill-gotten gains from authorities. But with this latest revelation, the veil has been lifted on the sophisticated methods used by these elusive cyber criminals.

The Poloniex heist has sparked a much-needed investigation into the state of security in crypto exchanges and blockchain technology. This eye-opening event serves as a wake-up call for the industry to implement more rigorous safety measures.

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