Solana Meme Token Pull the Rug After Presale

URF Meme Coin’s team pulled off a daring rug heist, vanishing into thin air with a whopping 2,400 SOL from their presale. Investors were left reeling as the promised moon turned into a black hole of deceit.

Insight from blockchain expert ZachXBT reveals that the creators of a popular meme token on the Solana blockchain recently cashed out a whopping $450,000 worth of Solana (SOL).

Within a mere 24 hours of URF’s launch, the brilliant developers had already thwarted any attempts at fraud. Utilizing the funds from the asset’s sale, the team delved into the exciting world of meme tokens on Solana. However, despite the initial buzz, the project’s social media presence has been eerily quiet since March 26.

But one keen-eyed individual, ZachXBT, couldn’t help but notice the sudden shift in support from influencer Bryce Hall. After enthusiastically promoting the project through multiple posts, Hall has now fallen silent, leaving many to question the reliability of this cryptocurrency.

From March 12 to March 20, the Solana blockchain was abuzz with 33 presales worth a whopping $149 million. But behind the scenes, something sinister was brewing. Renowned analyst ZachXBT has uncovered a trail of fraud, with staggering losses of $4.4 million and counting.

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