Polkadot price analysis: Bearish sentiment dominates. Can DOT hold above $7?

Polkadot price analysis Bearish sentiment dominates.

The Polkadot (DOT) price surged towards the coveted $7.60 mark, only to be met with a formidable barrier. Despite its valiant efforts, the price was forced to retreat and succumb to a downward spiral, plummeting below the $7 threshold in the subsequent trading sessions. Can Polkadot (DOT) Hold Above $7 The vibrant and colorful world … Read more

Polkadot price analysis: DOT falls dangerously close to support levels

Polkadot price analysis

Experience the wild ride of Polkadot’s (DOT) price as it plummets, driven by a fierce wave of selling at the 200-day and 20-day SMA. Polkadot (DOT) Continues To See Red As we dive into the world of Polkadot, the price chart reveals a thrilling story of a bullish trend at the start of the month. … Read more

Unraveling PolkaDot ($DOT) Prices: Riding the Bearish Tide

Unraveling PolkaDot ( DOT) Prices Riding the Bearish Tide

Despite a strong start, Polkadot’s ($DOT) bullish streak was short-lived as it failed to sustain its upward climb, leaving it to trade below $7 once again. Despite a strong start last week, with a steady price above $7, $DOT has hit a roadblock and is now plummeting in the red as of Friday, May 10. … Read more