Worldcoin Foundation Unveils Open-Source Data Security System

Introducing the groundbreaking innovation from the Worldcoin Foundation – a cutting-edge open-source system designed to fortify the protection of delicate information.

Worldcoin (WLD) – a cutting-edge system that harnesses the power of biometric data collected during registration. This revolutionary technology, now available on Github, uses secure multi-party computation (SMPC) to fortify your information by scattering it across various locations.

As per the foundation’s blog, the method involves “taking one secret and sharing it in multiple parts across different parties for increased protection.”

The Worldcoin Foundation’s latest innovation sets a new bar for safeguarding biometric information. The Foundation has also made the bold move to migrate to this advanced system and erase all previously collected iris codes from their Orb devices.

Yes, you heard it right, those eyeball-scanning machines will no longer be a part of the sign-up process. This groundbreaking step is part of the Worldcoin project’s ingenious way of verifying individuality and establishing digital identities. Participants will be rewarded with WLD tokens for their involvement.

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Joining forces with TACEO and Tools for Humanity, the foundation has tackled the long-standing hurdles of scalability and cost in implementing SMPC technology. In response to the growing demand for biometric verification from various organizations, the foundation has also enhanced its data protection measures. This comes in the wake of increased scrutiny from international regulators, who are closely monitoring the project’s data collection methods.

Introducing the revolutionary organization, Tools for Humanity, co-founded by the visionary leader and OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman. This groundbreaking project is spearheaded by the company, which has made significant strides in addressing concerns surrounding their data management.

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