Crypto Weekly Roundup: Shocking updates


Bitcoin’s meteoric rise continues as four consecutive days of record-breaking inflows into US Spot Bitcoin ETFs align with a surge in the cryptocurrency’s value. The past ten weeks of market turbulence have been swiftly overshadowed by this bullish trend.

In a major move, investment titan Millennium Management has revealed a whopping $2 billion investment in spot Bitcoin ETFs, cementing the growing dominance of institutional players in the world of cryptocurrency.

El Salvador has unearthed a treasure trove of nearly 474 bitcoins, valued at a staggering $29 million, in just three years. All due to cutting-edge geothermal power plants harnessing the energy of the earth’s fiery core.


Lens Network, the revolutionary on-chain platform, is gearing up for a major migration to zkSync’s cutting-edge ZK Stack hyperchains. Our mission? To take scalability and user experience in social networking to the next level.


Shocking news has rocked the tech world as Eclipse Labs announces the sudden departure of their former CEO, Neel Somani, amidst disturbing misconduct allegations. In a swift move, the company has appointed Vijay Chetty, their former Chief Growth Officer, as the new face of the company.


Tech-savvy siblings from MIT have been caught red-handed, accused of hacking into the Ethereum blockchain and making off with a jaw-dropping $25 million in a mere 12 seconds. The shocking discovery was made by renowned on-chain detective, ZachXBT, who uncovered the devastating security breach at Bahrain’s top crypto exchange, Rain. A staggering $14.8 million gone in the blink of an eye.

BlockTower Capital, a leading hedge fund, and innovative DeFi platform Sonne Finance have fallen victim to devastating exploits, causing a significant loss of funds. The digital currency market is reeling as these major players suffer a blow to their financial security.

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In a historic move, the Senate has defied all odds and voted to overturn the SEC’s controversial restriction on digital asset custody. Despite opposition from President Biden and the SEC, the bipartisan decision marks a major win for the cryptocurrency industry.

The CFTC has just dropped a bombshell by announcing a whopping $1.8 million settlement with FalconX for alleged misconduct.

Tensions are rising in the world of cryptocurrency as Tether CEO Paulo Ardoino takes aim at Ripple chief Brad Garlinghouse. In a fiery statement, Ardoino accuses Garlinghouse of spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) about the popular stablecoin USDT.

Uniswap founder Hayden Adams has entered the fray, calling on President Joe Biden to rethink his stance on crypto. According to Adams, the Democrats’ anti-crypto sentiment could have disastrous consequences for the industry.

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