Crypto weekly roundup: Shocking updates

Crypto weekly roundup

This week, significant amounts of Bitcoin were moved from Mt.Gox wallets as preparations for disbursement to creditors began. The news unsettled the crypto markets, causing Bitcoin’s price to drop below $68,000. Bitcoin A recent poll on the influence of crypto in the 2024 Presidential election revealed that nearly half of the voters plan to include … Read more

Crypto Weekly Roundup: Ethereum ETFs, Historic FIT21 bill and more

Crypto Weekly Roundup

Exciting news has surfaced in the world of finance as the SEC made a groundbreaking decision this week. Following the historic approval of the Bitcoin ETF earlier this year, the securities regulator has finally given the green light to all spot Ethereum ETF applications. After months of anticipation and delayed deadlines, the wait is finally … Read more

Crypto Weekly Roundup: Shocking updates

Crypto Weekly Roundup Shocking updates

Bitcoin Bitcoin’s meteoric rise continues as four consecutive days of record-breaking inflows into US Spot Bitcoin ETFs align with a surge in the cryptocurrency’s value. The past ten weeks of market turbulence have been swiftly overshadowed by this bullish trend. In a major move, investment titan Millennium Management has revealed a whopping $2 billion investment … Read more

Crypto Weekly Roundup: Trump Dabbles in Crypto, Institutions Dive into ETF and More

Crypto Weekly Roundup

As the SEC continues to delay their decision on Ethereum ETF applications, the anticipation only grows. Each week brings new speculation and excitement, wondering if this will be the week the SEC finally makes a move. Yet, despite the uncertainty, institutional investors are boldly jumping into ETF projects, undeterred by the regulatory indecision. Bitcoin Amidst … Read more

Crypto Weekly Roundup: Regulators crack down on Ethereum and others

Crypto Weekly Roundup Regulators crack down on Ethereum and others

As Bitcoin continues its meteoric rise, all eyes are now on Ethereum and the potential for multiple Ethereum ETFs to hit the market. Will the SEC give the green light? Let’s delve deeper into this exciting development. Bitcoin Is Bitcoin on the brink of a major breakthrough? According to analysts at Bernstein, the world’s leading … Read more