China and UAE Join Forces to Tackle Crypto Crime Wave


China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have pledged to enhance their cooperation in combating cybercrime associated with cryptocurrency. This commitment was made through a May 30 joint statement following the UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s state visit to China. The announcement comes as Hong Kong reports a surge in crypto fraud between … Read more

Paradigm Leads $70M Round for Bitcoin Staking Protocol Babylon

Paradigm Leads 70M Round for Bitcoin Staking Protocol Babylon

Bitcoin staking protocol Babylon has successfully raised $70 million in a funding round led by venture firm Paradigm. This investment round saw participation from Bullish Capital, Polychain Capital, Hashkey Capital, Mantle, Galaxy, Hack VC, ViaBTC Capital, Amber, and HTX Ventures. Babylon plans to use this new capital to advance its mission of creating a Bitcoin-secured … Read more

Crypto weekly roundup: Shocking updates

Crypto weekly roundup

This week, significant amounts of Bitcoin were moved from Mt.Gox wallets as preparations for disbursement to creditors began. The news unsettled the crypto markets, causing Bitcoin’s price to drop below $68,000. Bitcoin A recent poll on the influence of crypto in the 2024 Presidential election revealed that nearly half of the voters plan to include … Read more

Bitcoin Bulls Target $68K Despite Spot ETF Investment Surge

Bitcoin Bulls Target 68K Despite Spot ETF Investment Surge

Bitcoin takes a dip, falling 7% to $67.7K after a near brush with $72K on May 21st. While it may seem like a significant setback, the fact that Bitcoin is only 9% away from its record high is keeping investors hopeful. However, their optimism is being tested as they question why the recent influx of … Read more

China’s crypto market is growing rapidly despite the ban

China's crypto market is growing rapidly despite the ban

Renowned expert Lark Davis delves into the powerful impact of China on the global market. China’s bold announcement of issuing $140 billion in long-term bonds has sent shockwaves through the investment community, leaving everyone buzzing with anticipation. These bonds, with a whopping lifespan of 50 years, are poised to tackle crucial economic issues such as … Read more

Is XRP on the verge of a 500% explosion? Reversal zone, What RSI indicates?

Is XRP on the verge of a 500 explosion Reversal zone, What RSI indicates

Amidst the chaotic chatter of the crypto world, there is one voice that rises above the rest: Cryptoinsightuk. This brilliant crypto guru has just uncovered a fascinating development in the ongoing XRP versus Bitcoin (BTC) saga. Through his expert analysis, he has uncovered a potential turnaround for XRP against Bitcoin, teasing at the potential for … Read more

Is Bitcoin the new gold? Experienced trader predicts 344% rise in just 12 months

Is Bitcoin the new gold Experienced trader predicts 344 rise in just 12 months

As the world becomes more uncertain, Bitcoin has emerged as a shining beacon of stability. In a surprising turn of events, the once-misunderstood cryptocurrency has skyrocketed to the top of the charts, outshining traditional safe-haven assets like gold, silver, and crude oil. In just four short months, Bitcoin has surged over 20%, while the value … Read more

Ethereum vehicles attract $36 million investment after ETF greenlight

Ethereum vehicles attract 36 million investment after ETF greenlight

U.S. SEC Gives Green Light to Ethereum ETFs, Boosting Confidence and Surging Net Inflows to Record Highs Breaking records and making waves in the world of cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH) investment products saw a staggering $36 million in inflows last week, marking a triumphant return since March. This exciting news was revealed in a recent report … Read more

Despite the decline, Ethereum is still at high

Despite the decline, Ethereum is still at high

Despite a slight dip of 2.98%, Ethereum (ETH) is still soaring high at $3,840 (ETH/USD) today. The market is buzzing with excitement as the coin experiences a surge in trade volume compared to the previous day. An electrifying surge has gripped the world of cryptocurrency as Ethereum breaks through the $4,000 mark, marking a slow … Read more

Bitcoin finds new high at $68,000

Bitcoin finds new high at 68,000

Bitcoin’s (BTC) value has taken a slight dip of 0.91% today, settling at $68,398 (BTC/USD). Despite its recent struggles to break past the $69,000 mark, the coin continues to captivate the attention of investors worldwide. Could the soaring inflation rate in the US put a damper on Bitcoin’s growth? Many experts believe so, with the … Read more