Bitcoin Bulls Target $68K Despite Spot ETF Investment Surge

Bitcoin Bulls Target 68K Despite Spot ETF Investment Surge

Bitcoin takes a dip, falling 7% to $67.7K after a near brush with $72K on May 21st. While it may seem like a significant setback, the fact that Bitcoin is only 9% away from its record high is keeping investors hopeful. However, their optimism is being tested as they question why the recent influx of … Read more

Ethereum vehicles attract $36 million investment after ETF greenlight

Ethereum vehicles attract 36 million investment after ETF greenlight

U.S. SEC Gives Green Light to Ethereum ETFs, Boosting Confidence and Surging Net Inflows to Record Highs Breaking records and making waves in the world of cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH) investment products saw a staggering $36 million in inflows last week, marking a triumphant return since March. This exciting news was revealed in a recent report … Read more

First Bitcoin ETF, now Ethereum ETF, next SOL, XRP whose?

First Bitcoin ETF, now Ethereum ETF, next SOL, XRP whose

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has just given the green light for the first-ever Spot Bitcoin ETF on January 11th. And that’s not all – just four months later, they also approved an ETF for Ethereum. This major move showcases the SEC’s shifting attitude towards embracing digital currencies. But that’s not the only … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) stars are aligning, WHY?

Bitcoin (BTC) stars are aligning

Bitcoin’s journey has been tumultuous, but it seems to have finally found its footing. Not only in the financial world but also in the political arena, the winds of change seem to be blowing in Bitcoin’s direction. The Anti-Crypto Tide Is Turning Exciting news for the world of cryptocurrency, as the once hostile political terrain … Read more

Bitcoin crosses $70,000, may set new record soon

Bitcoin crosses 70,000, may set new record soon

From a nail-biting struggle below $65K, Bitcoin (BTC) has emerged victorious and now reigns above $70K. But has the coin truly bounced back from its recent lows? The catalyst that ignited the blazing surge of Bitcoin’s value can be traced back to the release of the Consumer Price Index report, which painted a promising picture … Read more

Bitcoin on the Brink: Will BTC Break Through $67,000 Today?

Bitcoin on the Brink Will BTC Break Through 67,000 Today

Bitcoin (BTC) has been flirting with the $67,000 mark for weeks, teasing investors with the possibility of a breakthrough. And now, it seems like the moment of truth is finally upon us, with the cryptocurrency on the cusp of reaching that coveted milestone once again. Will it happen today? The anticipation is palpable. Riding on … Read more

Bitcoin ETFs offset April outflows, analysts predict long-term returns


Breaking records in the world of cryptocurrency, Eric Balchunas, the esteemed Senior ETF Analyst at Bloomberg, revealed that Bitcoin ETFs have witnessed a staggering $1.3 billion influx in May alone. This impressive surge has not only erased the previous month’s negative inflows but has also added a whopping $12.3 billion to the total inflow since … Read more

K33 Research: Over 900 Institutions Spot Investing $11B in Bitcoin ETFs

K33 Research Over 900 Institutions Spot Investing 11B in Bitcoin ETFs

Breaking records in the world of cryptocurrency, a whopping $11 billion has been invested in U.S. spot Bitcoin ETFs by 937 institutions as of March 31st. Unleashing a wealth of insight, Senior Analyst Vetle Lunde from K33 Research reveals a staggering revelation: a whopping $11.05 billion accounts for a jaw-dropping 18.7% of the entire funds … Read more

Bitcoin Rockets Above $66K: Inflation Data Signals $48M Summit Ahead

Bitcoin Rockets Above 66K

Bitcoin’s value has skyrocketed, breaking through the $66,000 threshold and causing a surge of short liquidations worth a staggering $48 million within just 24 hours. This sudden surge was triggered by the release of promising U.S. inflation data, hinting at a possible decrease in inflationary tensions. The Impact of Inflation Data on Bitcoin Inflation Takes … Read more

April US CPI fell by 3.4%; BTC price rises to $64,000

BTC price rises to 64,000

The economy is heating up as the Consumer Price Index, the top measure of inflation, skyrockets to 3.4% in April. This unexpected surge has experts buzzing and consumers bracing for impact. But that’s not all – in a wild twist, the price of Bitcoin has also shot up to a staggering $64k in just 24 … Read more