XRP, Solana, Cardano ETFs: Ripple CEO expects green signal in 2024

XRP, Solana, Cardano ETFs Ripple CEO expects green signal in 2024

This could literally be game-changing news for crypto investors. Ripple’s fearless leader, Brad Garlinghouse sets the crypto world abuzz with his daring forecasts. With whispers of revolutionary ETFs in the works for top contenders like XRP, Solana, and Cardano, the future of cryptocurrency has never looked more exhilarating. Building on Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Success The … Read more

PayPal Expands PYUSD Stablecoin to Solana Blockchain

PayPal Expands PYUSD Stablecoin to Solana Blockchain

PayPal, the online payment powerhouse, has just unleashed its PYUSD stablecoin onto the cutting-edge Solana blockchain. In a groundbreaking press release, the company has announced its bold move to expand its stablecoin network. This strategic decision will not only make PYUSD lightning fast and more affordable for users but also provide them with a wider … Read more

FTX completes sale of Solana tokens worth $2.6b

FTX completes sale of Solana tokens worth 2.6b

After weeks of intense bidding, the estate of the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX has finally wrapped up its final move by selling a whopping $2.6 billion worth of heavily discounted Solana (SOL) tokens. Amidst the frenzy of a high-stakes auction, the latest players to enter the game were none other than the powerhouse firms Figure … Read more

First Bitcoin ETF, now Ethereum ETF, next SOL, XRP whose?

First Bitcoin ETF, now Ethereum ETF, next SOL, XRP whose

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has just given the green light for the first-ever Spot Bitcoin ETF on January 11th. And that’s not all – just four months later, they also approved an ETF for Ethereum. This major move showcases the SEC’s shifting attitude towards embracing digital currencies. But that’s not the only … Read more

XRP Lawyer Takes on SEC: Ethereum vs Solana and Cardano

XRP Lawyer Takes on SEC Ethereum vs Solana and Cardano

Ripple’s very own legal superhero, the renowned Meta Law Man, has raised his voice against the SEC’s latest move to label cryptocurrencies. With the recent declaration of Ethereum (ETH) as a commodity, the legal landscape for other digital currencies like Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) has become a hot topic of debate for the regulator. … Read more

Matrixport’s Daniel Yan Targets Solana: Next Big ETF Contender

Matrixport's Daniel Yan Targets Solana

Excitement is brewing in the world of cryptocurrency as users eagerly anticipate the U.S. SEC’s decision on a Spot Ethereum ETF. But amidst all the buzz, Matrixport co-founder Daniel Yan has sparked a thought-provoking conversation about the potential rise of Solana (SOL). According to Yan, Solana could follow in Ethereum’s footsteps and become a major … Read more

Solana’s Solo Surge: Rocketing to the $250 Milestone

Solana's Solo Surge Rocketing to the 250 Milestone

Solana is the shining star of the altcoin world, propelling the market to new heights with its bullish price action. Its impressive fundamentals, including lightning-fast speed and unrivaled scalability, are attracting a wave of eager investors, from everyday enthusiasts to big-time institutions, all eager to ride the wave of future growth. The altcoin market is … Read more

CoinGecko: Solana becomes the fastest blockchain amid meme coin trend


Breaking records and blazing ahead of the competition, Solana has been crowned the speed champion among top blockchains in a recent report by CoinGecko. On April 6th, the Solana blockchain was buzzing with a staggering 1,504 transactions per second. This record-breaking TPS was fueled by the hype surrounding meme coins. Talk about a wild ride … Read more

Syncracy Capital co-founder says Solana will reach $200 by the end of May

Syncracy Capital co-founder says Solana will reach 200 by the end of May

Breaking barriers and shattering expectations, Solana’s very own token (SOL) is causing a stir in the world of cryptocurrency. Just this past Saturday, its value skyrocketed to an impressive $174, reaching its peak in over a month before settling at a still impressive $166. The sudden surge has caught the eye of top players in … Read more

Solana (SOL) Surges Ahead

Solana (SOL) Surges Ahead

Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, Bitcoin (BTC) is soaring once again, leading the way for other cryptocurrencies to follow suit. And among them, one stands out with an impressive 17% surge this week – Solana. With its sights set on reclaiming its all-time high, $SOL is blazing a trail in the crypto world. … Read more