Solana’s Solo Surge: Rocketing to the $250 Milestone

Solana's Solo Surge Rocketing to the 250 Milestone

Solana is the shining star of the altcoin world, propelling the market to new heights with its bullish price action. Its impressive fundamentals, including lightning-fast speed and unrivaled scalability, are attracting a wave of eager investors, from everyday enthusiasts to big-time institutions, all eager to ride the wave of future growth. The altcoin market is … Read more

CoinGecko: Solana becomes the fastest blockchain amid meme coin trend


Breaking records and blazing ahead of the competition, Solana has been crowned the speed champion among top blockchains in a recent report by CoinGecko. On April 6th, the Solana blockchain was buzzing with a staggering 1,504 transactions per second. This record-breaking TPS was fueled by the hype surrounding meme coins. Talk about a wild ride … Read more

Robinhood Europe Launches 5% APY Solana Staking

Robinhood Europe Launches 5 APY Solana Staking

Robinhood Brings Revolutionary Solana Services to Europe After Dropping SOL from U.S. Market Over Regulatory Worries The Menlo Park service provider has just announced a game-changing expansion across the bloc. Eligible users can now stake their SOL tokens directly through the Robinhood app, earning a whopping 5% APY. This marks Robinhood’s first foray into the … Read more

Solana Protocol Jito Achieves $1.4B TVL


Solana’s blockchain has found its champion in Jito, with a staggering 38% of assets placed in its trust. This makes Jito the reigning giant of the SOL ecosystem, solidifying its dominance and securing its place at the forefront of the digital world. According to the data experts at DefiLlama, Jito is taking the Solana (SOL) … Read more

Solana (SOL) looks much more bullish compared to Ethereum (ETH)

Solana (SOL) looks much more bullish compared to Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) may be feeling the heat as it tries to keep up with the top dog, Bitcoin (BTC), but its rival Solana (SOL) is making some bold moves as a layer 1 contender. It’s leaving both ETH and BTC in the dust with its impressive performance. From the buzzing world of social media, one … Read more

Amidst large-scale cyber attacks, Solana users urge to revoke permission for the app

Amidst large-scale cyber attacks, Solana users urge to revoke permission for the app

Solana under Siege: Meme Coins Trigger Massive Drain Attacks, Developers Sound the Alarm for Users to Protect Their Assets. The Solana community is currently facing a relentless barrage of drain attacks, resulting in a surge of financial casualties caused by unauthorized intrusions. In response, blockchain innovators are urgently advising users on X to take action … Read more

CoinGecko Says Nearly 50% of Investors Are Considering Solana

CoinGecko Says Nearly 50 of Investors Are Considering Solana

By 2024, Solana has taken the world by storm, captivating 49.3% of global investors with its cutting-edge blockchain ecosystem. After meticulously analyzing internet requests from January 1st to March 18th, CoinGecko uncovered a fascinating trend: nearly half of all investors are fixated on Solana. And it’s no wonder, with SOL’s skyrocketing growth in 2021 and … Read more