New Bitcoin Price Prediction After Price Increase

New Bitcoin Price Prediction After Price Increase

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to soar, surpassing the $70,000 mark and inching closer to its all-time high. With each passing day, the question on everyone’s mind is: will it shatter its previous record and make history once again this week? Will Bitcoin Soar or Plunge? The current price of $70,044 (BTC/USD) has the crypto world on … Read more

Bitcoin ETFs offset April outflows, analysts predict long-term returns


Breaking records in the world of cryptocurrency, Eric Balchunas, the esteemed Senior ETF Analyst at Bloomberg, revealed that Bitcoin ETFs have witnessed a staggering $1.3 billion influx in May alone. This impressive surge has not only erased the previous month’s negative inflows but has also added a whopping $12.3 billion to the total inflow since … Read more

CryptoQuant CEO says Bitcoin bull cycle expected to end by April 2025


Bitcoin’s market is ablaze with excitement as investors eagerly watch its behavior, which appears to be signaling a prolonged period of growth. The recent release of the U.S. Consumer Price Index, which came in at a lower-than-expected 0.3% for April, has ignited a surge of confidence among investors. This surge has catapulted the price of … Read more

Bitcoin Rockets Above $66K: Inflation Data Signals $48M Summit Ahead

Bitcoin Rockets Above 66K

Bitcoin’s value has skyrocketed, breaking through the $66,000 threshold and causing a surge of short liquidations worth a staggering $48 million within just 24 hours. This sudden surge was triggered by the release of promising U.S. inflation data, hinting at a possible decrease in inflationary tensions. The Impact of Inflation Data on Bitcoin Inflation Takes … Read more

Andrew Tate to Swap Fiat for $100 Million Worth of Bitcoin

Andrew Tate to Swap Fiat for 100 Million Worth of Bitcoin

World-renowned social media sensation and retired kickboxing champion, Andrew Tate, has made a jaw-dropping decision to ditch traditional currency and put his faith in Bitcoin (BTC). With a whopping $100 million investment, Tate is boldly backing Bitcoin as the ultimate financial and investment solution. Unleashing a fiery critique, Tate lambasted traditional banks for their deceitful … Read more

After a tough weekend, Bitcoin starts climbing again


Bitcoin takes a tumble over the weekend, shedding 3.95% of its value and crashing to the $60,000 mark against the US dollar. Investors hold their breath as the once-stable cryptocurrency shows signs of volatility. The cryptocurrency market was buzzing with excitement this morning as the token made a strong comeback, signaling a bullish trend for … Read more

Golden Cross Alert: Is Bitcoin Set to Charge into a Bull Run?

Bitcoin Golden Cross Alert

Enter the world of cryptocurrency and behold the mighty Bitcoin, a constantly evolving giant that never fails to captivate. Its latest move, the elusive “Golden Cross” appearing on its daily chart, has once again stolen the spotlight. As we reflect on previous surges in value, the air is thick with anticipation of a potential upward … Read more

Bitcoin crosses $63,000, mining difficulty drops by 5% – fastest in 16 months

Bitcoin crosses 63,000

Bitcoin stands strong in the volatile market, rising confidently after a shaky start to the week. With its value surpassing $63,000 yesterday, the bulls are determined to maintain this upward trend and potentially reach new heights of $66,000. The key to solidifying last week’s gains lies in Bitcoin’s ability to close above this crucial level. … Read more

Bitcoin falls from $66,000, but defiant CEO predicts 300% surge

Bitcoin falls from 66,000, but defiant CEO predicts 300 surge

Bitcoin’s recent performance has been lackluster, with the price remaining stagnant and uninspiring. Despite a minor dip on May 8th, the market is still dominated by sellers, as evidenced by their push against resistance levels for potential gains. The day ended with a doji, signaling a possible advantage for buyers, but a significant breakthrough is … Read more

Bitcoin Skyrockets to $64K: Bull Trap or Run? Expert Unveils Market Secrets

Bitcoin Skyrockets to 64K Bull Trap or Run

The enigmatic analyst, Davinci, unveiled his intriguing analysis of the ever-changing cryptocurrency market. Amidst his keen observations, he honed in on Bitcoin’s tumultuous price movements, with a sharp warning about its recent surge to a staggering $64,000. With a glint of caution in his eye, Davinci hinted at a possible “bull trap” lurking beneath the … Read more