CryptoQuant CEO says Bitcoin bull cycle expected to end by April 2025


Bitcoin’s market is ablaze with excitement as investors eagerly watch its behavior, which appears to be signaling a prolonged period of growth. The recent release of the U.S. Consumer Price Index, which came in at a lower-than-expected 0.3% for April, has ignited a surge of confidence among investors. This surge has catapulted the price of … Read more

Golden Cross Alert: Is Bitcoin Set to Charge into a Bull Run?

Bitcoin Golden Cross Alert

Enter the world of cryptocurrency and behold the mighty Bitcoin, a constantly evolving giant that never fails to captivate. Its latest move, the elusive “Golden Cross” appearing on its daily chart, has once again stolen the spotlight. As we reflect on previous surges in value, the air is thick with anticipation of a potential upward … Read more

Bitcoin makes a big rise after Thursday decline

Bitcoin makes a big rise after Thursday decline

Is Bitcoin (BTC) gearing up for a wild ride? The cryptocurrency has surged by 2.57% in the past 24 hours and shows no signs of slowing down. The highly coveted cryptocurrency token is currently soaring at an impressive $63,043 (BTC/USD) on this glorious Friday morning. As we gear up for an exciting weekend of trading, … Read more

Bitcoin rose to 18,000 today before options expire, Is a Bull rally coming?

Bitcoin rose to 18,000 today before options expire

Shaking off the remnants of yesterday’s sluggishness, Bitcoin (BTC) has burst back to life with a remarkable 3% surge today. The sudden revival is being linked to the ongoing rollercoaster ride of market emotions, all while a major event loomed on the horizon: the expiration of 18,000 Bitcoin options. Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent price surge has … Read more

New price forecast for Bitcoin as it rises above $60K

New price forecast for Bitcoin as it rises above 60K

The king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC), has once again reclaimed its throne above the $60K mark, currently sitting at a staggering $60,325 (BTC/USD). But as the market holds its breath in awe, the question on everyone’s mind is: how long can this golden reign last? The air was thick with anticipation as investors eagerly awaited … Read more

Bitcoin on the edge of the cliff

Bitcoin on the edge of the cliff

The crypto market is buzzing with intense anxiety as the monthly close looms ahead. All eyes are on $BTC as it teeters on the edge of a cliff. If it fails to close above $61,000, brace yourselves for a potential avalanche of losses. $BTC Perilous Monthly Close The crypto world is ablaze with a sea … Read more

If this happens then the price of Bitcoin will soon reach $86,000

Bitcoin will soon reach 86,000

The digital currency world has been surprisingly tranquil over the last 24 hours, despite the wild ride of Bitcoin’s value as it hovers near the bottom of a bullish flag formation. Zooming in, the battle between Bitcoin and the US dollar has been fierce, with the former struggling to break through the formidable $67,200 barrier. … Read more

Bitcoin Drops, Gets Huge Rejection from $68,000: More Losses to Come?

Bitcoin Drop

Bitcoin’s current trading position is causing a stir, with the daily chart showing a downward trend. Despite a glimmer of hope earlier this week, the post-Halving crash has sent prices plummeting. The sharp decline is a clear indication that the coin faced a fierce rejection from its peak on April 13th and the middle BB. … Read more

Altcoins on the Verge: Brace for a Big Leap

Altcoins on the Verge Brace for a Big Leap

Following a rigorous correction, the altcoin market is making a speedy comeback. With bitcoin on the rise towards its record-breaking peak, the altcoins are eagerly vying for a chance to break out and make their mark. Altcoin Market Cap In Bull Flag As the mighty bitcoin rises, reclaiming its spot at the peak of its … Read more

Will Bitcoin Halving Drive Price Up?

Bitcoin Halving

Amidst the heated debates, one question remains: does halving truly propel Bitcoin’s rise, or are there other forces at play during this pivotal moment? The highly-anticipated halving event is finally here, promising to shake up the market. Many experts predicted a surge in price, but the reality has been quite different. Instead of soaring to … Read more