Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Revival: Cryptos old guard Shine Again

As the crypto bull market continues to rage on, it’s not just the established altcoins that are reaping the rewards. Surprisingly, it’s the fresh faces that are making the biggest splashes. However, we can’t overlook the powerhouses of the past, $BCH and $LITE, who are making a comeback and should not be underestimated.

Unleash the power of Litecoin (LTC), a trailblazing altcoin that emerged in 2015. While it shares the same proof-of-work blockchain concept as Bitcoin, Litecoin boasts a unique cryptographic algorithm and a higher coin production rate. This has earned it the nickname “silver” in comparison to the “gold” status of bitcoin.

Can Litecoin Flip Resistance Into Support?

LitecoinTether USD chart trading view april 4, 2024

The $LTC price is making a bold move! After a week of intense trading, there’s a chance that the resistance could turn into support. The final verdict will be revealed on Sunday, so keep an eye on the market to see if this major shift occurs.

$LTC Uptrend Needs To Continue

Litecoin trading view april 4 2024

As we dive into the 4-hour chart, it becomes clear that $LTC is riding a wave of upward momentum. In fact, since February 20th, the price has skyrocketed an impressive 67%! But this is only the beginning. The future holds even greater potential for those who hold onto their $LTC with unwavering patience.

$BCH Bullish Move Back Into Up Channel

Bitcoin cash trading view april 4 2024

Move over $LTC, because $BCH is taking the crypto world by storm! Since the same date, $BCH has skyrocketed an impressive 175%. With its recent surge back into the up channel and above the trend line, $BCH is on a bullish streak that’s hard to ignore.

Could $BCH Match The 2021 High?

Bitcoin cash trading april 4 2024

The weekly time frame for $BCH is showing some promising potential. It’s clear that if it can break through the tough resistance levels at $805, we could see a meteoric rise to match its previous high of $1,650 during the 2021 bull market.

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