Bitcoin ETF Sees Surge, $113 Million Inflows in one day

Bitcoin ETF Sector Sees Record-Breaking $113 Million Inflows on April 3rd.

The financial world is abuzz with excitement as capital inflows surge, pushing past the dreaded red zone. And the top contender leading this influx of funds? None other than Fidelity’s spot Bitcoin ETF, (FBTC), which recorded a whopping $116.6 million. Hot on its heels is the iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), with a respectable $42 million.


Investors Pull $75.1 Million from Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust ETF (GBTC) in a Dramatic Plunge from February Highs.

The ARK Invest (ARKB) Bitcoin ETF made a splash on April 2nd, as it surpassed the popular GBTC with a staggering $87.5 million in net outflows. But that’s not all – spot Bitcoin ETFs saw a total net inflow of $40.3 million, with the majority coming from the BlackRock fund, raking in an additional $150 million. And in a close second, Fidelity joined the race with an impressive $44 million.

GBTC’s fortunes have taken a turn for the worse, as it has experienced a steady decline since the introduction of spot BTC ETFs in the US market earlier this year. The outflows have been staggering, surpassing a whopping $15 billion in just a few short months.

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The tides have shifted in the world of spot Bitcoin ETFs. A whirlwind of change has swept through the market, with $87.5 million pouring out of ARKB and another $81.9 million draining from GBTC. This sudden surge of outflows kicked off on April 1st, when a whopping $300,000 was pulled out of the ARK Invest fund by investors.

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