Bitcoin reaches all-time high as daily trading volume surges 70%

Bitcoin Skyrockets by 4% in Epic Comeback, Inches Closer to Record-Breaking High.

After a dip below the $66,000 mark, BTC has made an impressive recovery this week. The driving force behind this resurgence? A whopping $570 million in total net flow in Bitcoin ETFs last week. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. On Thursday and Friday, Bitcoin ETFs experienced back-to-back net inflows of over $200 million each.

As the highly anticipated fourth halving of Bitcoin approaches this month, market sentiment is abuzz with positivity. Adding to the excitement is the recent halving of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a spin-off of the original Bitcoin network. This event caused a surge in BCH’s value, with a whopping 10% increase and a staggering 60% jump in March alone. The anticipation for the upcoming halving has only intensified with this impressive performance.

The trading world is buzzing with anticipation as the highly-anticipated halving of BTC approaches. With experts and analysts eagerly awaiting its effects, all eyes are on the market to see how the infamous cryptocurrency will fare. Among the hopeful voices is Anthony Scaramucci of SkyBridge Capital, who boldly predicts that BTC will skyrocket to an impressive $170,000 in the wake of the halving.

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Bitcoin is on fire today, with a whopping 70% increase in its daily trading volume! The king of cryptocurrencies smashed its previous all-time high of $73,737 just a month ago. And if the market continues to buzz with excitement, BTC could reach even greater heights this month, setting a new record for all to behold.

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