Ton blockchain: X policies to drive Telegram adoption

Ton blockchain X policies to drive Telegram adoption

Elon Musk’s revolutionary social network has just implemented a groundbreaking rule that has the internet buzzing. From now on, new users will have to pay a small yearly fee in order to unlock a whole new world of features, including News Daily, posts, likes, and bookmarks. But why the sudden change? According to Musk, it’s … Read more

TON reveals Memelandia hub for meme coin developers

TON reveals Memelandia hub for meme coin developers

Join the revolution of The Open Network (TON) and witness the birth of a new era in meme coins! Our passionate team has crafted an incredible incentive program to not only support but also captivate the attention of the crypto world. Our ultimate goal? To cultivate a thriving and devoted community that will stand the … Read more

US senator expresses concern over CBDC, supports Bitcoin

US senator expresses concern over CBDC, supports Bitcoin

Senator Marsha Blackburn Warns of the Dangers of Central Bank Digital Currencies and Bitcoin on Personal Privacy and Government Surveillance At the Bitcoin Policy Summit, the Tennessee Republican raised a red flag about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), warning of their potential to become government surveillance tools. ‚ÄúCentral Bank Digital Currencies are essentially a way … Read more

Three days before Bitcoin halving, BTC fell further

Bitcoin halving

As the highly anticipated halving event approaches, doubts arise about its potential impact on cryptocurrency. Will Bitcoin fail to reap the expected rewards, leaving investors questioning their predictions? It’s time to reevaluate the future of BTC and its halving hype. Bitcoin takes a tumble on Tuesday morning, shedding 4.39% of its value and plunging to … Read more

Despite SEC claims, Uniswap trading volume has reached up to $3 billion

Uniswap trading volume

Uniswap’s decentralized exchange has been buzzing with a staggering $3 billion in daily trading volume this past week Uniswap, the leading decentralized exchange, has been making waves in the crypto world. Despite facing potential legal challenges from the U.S. SEC, Uniswap has managed to maintain its impressive average daily trading volume of $3.08 billion from … Read more

Miners invest nearly $3.3 million in Bitcoin for the first time in 14 years

Bitcoin Miners

Miners first transferred Bitcoins received as rewards for mined blocks on April 23, 2010. In a shocking turn of events, the latest data from Lookonchain has revealed that a mysterious whale has made a jaw-dropping transaction of 50 Bitcoins (BTC) worth a whopping $3.3 million. But that’s not all – the plot thickens as 17 … Read more

Bitcoin dominance returns to 2021 high as ETFs boost

Bitcoin ETFs boost

Bitcoin reigns supreme in the world of cryptocurrencies, soaring to a three-year high fueled by a surge of interest in U.S. ETFs. According to CoinMarketCap, they make up a staggering 55% of the $2.4 trillion market. This is a level we haven’t seen since April 2021. And leading the pack is the king of all … Read more

DeFi platform experiences $2 million hack on Base Network

DeFi platform experiences 2 million hack on Base Network

The highly anticipated RWA tokenization platform, Grand Base, was recently rocked by a shocking security breach on the cutting-edge layer 2 Base network. This unexpected turn of events has left the entire community on edge as they wait for updates on the situation. Cybersecurity experts at Cyvers have uncovered a major breach at Grand Base, … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Bears Feel the Heat, but Bullish Recovery Charts Emerge

Bitcoin (BTC)

Political turmoil in the Middle East ignited a firestorm in the crypto world this weekend, causing a sharp decline in the market. Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, took a hit and fell below the $60,000 mark. But just as the dust began to settle, Monday brought a glimmer of hope for $BTC as almost half of … Read more

Bitcoin Halving Shatters Every Prediction

Bitcoin Halving Prediction

As the highly anticipated halving event drew near, Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiasts held their breath, waiting for the price to soar. Yet, to their surprise, the market took an unexpected turn. Despite the hype, Bitcoin is now valued at $66,226 (BTC/USD), leaving many scratching their heads. As the highly anticipated halving event draws near, Bitcoin’s value … Read more