Will Bitcoin (BTC) Recover? Crypto market sees a major decline as Bitcoin falls 10% in two days

The world of cryptocurrency was rocked this week as the market took a sharp turn, with Bitcoin plummeting by a staggering 10% in just 48 hours. Investors were left reeling as the once-booming market showed signs of instability.

The cause behind the recent market plunge has been a hot topic, and Altcoin Daily’s in-depth investigation on YouTube has uncovered a jaw-dropping revelation. It seems that a whopping 30,000 BTC, worth a staggering $2 billion, was sent by the US government to Coinbase as a test transaction.

In the latest findings from Altcoin Daily’s analysis, a pressing concern takes center stage: the US government’s colossal Bitcoin test transaction to Coinbase. With speculation running wild about the government’s true motives for this move, investors are on edge, fueling even more turbulence in the market.

The analysis not only suggests that the transaction’s effect on Bitcoin’s price would be insignificant, but it also highlights the widespread repercussions it had on the entire crypto market.

As Bitcoin took a dip, other major players like Ethereum were dragged down as well, with its value plummeting to $3,320. This chain reaction sent shockwaves through the digital currency world.

As the world watched in awe, Bitcoin soared to an unprecedented all-time high of $74,120. But just as quickly as it rose, the cryptocurrency market took a sharp turn downwards, leaving even seasoned investors shaken and curious bystanders on edge. This wild ride only emphasizes the unpredictable nature of digital assets.

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Amidst the frenzy, Bitcoin’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) stood its ground on the daily timeframe, hovering near the pivotal point of 50 – a crucial marker in times of bullish trends. This unshakeable resilience serves as a testament to Bitcoin’s unwavering might, defying short-term market turbulence.

The king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, is making a steady comeback, currently valued at $66,092.81 and showing a promising increase of 0.63% in the past 24 hours. With a trading volume of $43.83 billion and a total market cap of $1.3 trillion, it’s clear that Bitcoin is reclaiming its throne in the digital world.

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