TON Foundation’s Generous Move: 11m TonCoin to Reward USDT Users


TON Foundation Unveils Groundbreaking Incentive Program for Collaborating with Tether The TON network is generously rewarding early adopters of USDT with a whopping 11 million Toncoin. This game-changing campaign is designed to boost the usage of stablecoin in the online world. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the TON revolution. … Read more

Hedgey Finance Hit by $44.7M Hack Across Ethereum and Arbitrum

Hedgey Finance Hit by 44.7M Hack Across Ethereum and Arbitrum

The highly reputable on-chain token infrastructure provider, Hedgey Finance, has been rocked by not one, but TWO daring exploits. Cunning attackers took advantage of a bug in their token claims contract, causing chaos in the world of digital currency. The latest security alert from Cyvers has revealed a jaw-dropping breach on the popular Hedgey Finance … Read more

Will Bitcoin Halving Drive Price Up?

Bitcoin Halving

Amidst the heated debates, one question remains: does halving truly propel Bitcoin’s rise, or are there other forces at play during this pivotal moment? The highly-anticipated halving event is finally here, promising to shake up the market. Many experts predicted a surge in price, but the reality has been quite different. Instead of soaring to … Read more

Ripple vs SEC: Shaping XRP’s Market Outlook with Challenges Ahead

Ripple vs SEC

As Ripple’s legal battle rages on against the formidable SEC, Bill Morgan’s insightful commentary has illuminated the far-reaching consequences of the lawsuit and the ripple effect it has had on XRP’s market performance. Legal Turmoil and XRP’s Resistance Bill Morgan’s voice trembled with frustration as he spoke about the aftermath of the SEC lawsuit. His … Read more

Pavel Durov Unveils Exciting New Telegram Blockchain Features

_Telegram Blockchain Features

The visionary mind behind the revolutionary Telegram messenger, Pavel Durov, shares his insights on the boundless potential of the TON cryptocurrency. The future of digital currency, where Durov’s innovative ideas and bold predictions will leave you in awe. The mastermind behind Telegram, Durov, has unveiled a game-changing feature for ordinary users – the ability to … Read more

All is quiet on the Bitcoin ETF front – is it a concern?

All is quiet on the Bitcoin ETF front – is it a concern

Ever since its debut in January, the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs has sent shockwaves through the market, causing major ripples in the crypto world. This groundbreaking development has left even the biggest players, like Grayscale, scrambling to adapt to the new landscape. Once a dominant force in the world of cryptocurrency, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust … Read more

Token2049 Panelists Discuss the Role of Meme Coins in the Growth of the Crypto Industry

Meme coins

Immersed in the electric atmosphere of Token2049, attendees eagerly delved into the latest developments in consumer web3 applications. Amidst the buzz, one trend stood out: the meteoric rise of meme coins and their impact on the digital landscape. Discussions on tokenizing user attention and the impact of meme coins in the world of web3 apps … Read more

Binance’s focus is on returning to India as an FIU-compliant platform


Binance sets its sights on India once again, after a 4-month ban imposed by the nation’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Insiders revealing that a prominent exchange has agreed to pay a hefty $2 million penalty to a regulatory body for failing to meet compliance standards. The exact calculation of the fine has yet to be … Read more

Why is this Bitcoin halving different and what is different?

Bitcoin halving

The Bitcoin gears up for its highly anticipated halving event this week, possibly as early as Friday. But hold on tight, because this won’t be your run-of-the-mill halving ceremony for Bitcoin. The highly anticipated moment is approaching. The infamous halving of Bitcoin mining is looming, and with it comes a decrease in effectiveness. As the … Read more

STX and MSTR are excellent Bitcoin (BTC) leverage plays

STX and MSTR are excellent Bitcoin (BTC) leverage plays

From the depths of the conventional and digital markets emerge two contenders, a stock (MSTR) and a cryptocurrency (STX), poised to surpass the reigning champion, bitcoin, during the remainder of this bullish season. Both $STX And $MSTR Could Outperform $BTC Who would have thought that a cryptocurrency and a stock market giant would make such … Read more