Crypto Weekly Roundup: SEC Pursues Uniswap, Solana Glitch & more

Cryptocurrency Industry Faces Roadblocks as SEC Targets Uniswap and Delays Crypto Options Trading on NYSE


In a surprising turn of events, the SEC has put a hold on the New York Stock Exchange’s plans to introduce options for trading on spot Bitcoin ETFs. Meanwhile, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse has set the crypto world abuzz with his bold forecast of a $5 trillion market capitalization by the year’s end.


Amidst a storm of controversies and disputes with Solana-based projects, MarginFi’s CEO has stepped down, causing a massive outpouring of funds. This shocking turn of events has sent shockwaves through the Solana DeFi ecosystem, shaking the very foundation of trust and confidence within the community.”


Meet Andre Cronje, the visionary co-founder of Fantom blockchain who stands unwavering in his support for Solana network, despite its recent hiccups. In a world where failure is often seen as defeat, Cronje sees it as a natural consequence of swift growth and innovation.


Auradine, the cutting-edge tech startup, has just closed a record-breaking Series B funding round of $80 million, just in time for the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving event.

Meanwhile, the revolutionary blockchain company Monad Labs has raised an astonishing $225 million in seed funding, with the support of leading investment firm Paradigm.

Thesis, the innovative venture studio focused on the Bitcoin landscape, has unveiled its game-changing Bitcoin Layer-2 platform, Mezo.

Metaplanet and Sora Ventures join forces to invest a whopping JPY 1 billion (that’s equivalent to $6.5 million) in Bitcoin. This strategic move aims to construct Asia’s very first MicroStrategy and shake up the world of cryptocurrency.


The brilliant developers behind the popular blockchain network have set their sights on April 15th as the day to conquer the recent transaction troubles.

Rumor has it that the pesky implementation bug has caused quite the chaos, with transaction failures soaring through the roof. But fear not, for the talented team is determined to put an end to this madness with a fix scheduled for the highly anticipated date of April 15th.

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Bitcoin is falling as market expectations rise


The fate of Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon hangs in the balance as the High Court in Podgorica hands over the power to Justice Minister Andrej Milovic. With the decision of his extradition destination – whether it’s the United States or South Korea – resting solely on Milovic’s shoulders, the tension and anticipation are at an all-time high.

Meanwhile, the controversial FTX founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, is fighting tooth and nail to overturn his fraud conviction and 25-year prison sentence for swindling billions from unsuspecting customers of his now-defunct exchange.

The DeFi world is buzzing with news that Uniswap, the renowned DeFi protocol, has been served an enforcement notice by the SEC. The SEC suspects that the popular DEX may be functioning as an unregistered securities broker and exchange.

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