CoinShare: Crypto Investors Waver as Weekly Outflow Hits $206 Million

CoinShare Crypto Investors Waver as Weekly Outflow Hits 206 Million

Amidst the chaotic landscape of fluctuating interest rates and global unrest, crypto investors have pulled out massive amounts of funds from digital asset products for the second consecutive week. With uncertainty looming over traditional financial systems, it seems that the allure of cryptocurrency is only growing stronger. Discovering the latest trends in digital asset investments … Read more

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. floats the idea of putting 2024 US budget on blockchain

2024 US budget on blockchain

Amidst a roaring crowd in Michigan on April 21, Kennedy delivered a bold proposal – to put the entire U.S. budget on the blockchain. With this revolutionary idea, he promised to grant Americans unprecedented access to every budget item, at any given moment. Kennedy argued that incorporating blockchain technology into the budget would bring a … Read more

How Did 62 Million XRP Whale Transfer Affect the Price?

How Did 62 Million XRP Whale Transfer Affect the Price

The battle between XRP and the SEC has been making waves in the cryptocurrency world, but a glimmer of hope has emerged. In a daring move, a mysterious investor has transferred a whopping 62 million XRP tokens into their account, potentially saving the Ripple coin from its legal woes. In a series of calculated moves, … Read more

Pavel Durov Unveils Exciting New Telegram Blockchain Features

_Telegram Blockchain Features

The visionary mind behind the revolutionary Telegram messenger, Pavel Durov, shares his insights on the boundless potential of the TON cryptocurrency. The future of digital currency, where Durov’s innovative ideas and bold predictions will leave you in awe. The mastermind behind Telegram, Durov, has unveiled a game-changing feature for ordinary users – the ability to … Read more

Crypto Weekly Roundup: SEC Pursues Uniswap, Solana Glitch & more

Crypto Weekly Roundup

Cryptocurrency Industry Faces Roadblocks as SEC Targets Uniswap and Delays Crypto Options Trading on NYSE Bitcoin In a surprising turn of events, the SEC has put a hold on the New York Stock Exchange’s plans to introduce options for trading on spot Bitcoin ETFs. Meanwhile, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse has set the crypto world abuzz … Read more

Bitcoin ETF sees net outflows of $55 million as BTC falls to $65k

Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin ETFs Take a Hit: Investors Pull Out $55 Million in a Single Day on April 12 Bitcoin ETFs ahead of halving Friday saw a major shakeup in the world of cryptocurrency, with a whopping $166 million withdrawn from Grayscale’s GBTC, according to data from SoSo Value. This trend of large outflows from GBTC in … Read more